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Greetings In the Name of His Imperial Majesty,
Emperor Haile I Selassie I Jah RasTaFarI***
Live Up Live Kind
Know Love In Your Mind
Christ Consciousness Time
Jah Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Made In His Image
With Her Soul
Taught With His Wisdom & Her Love
Alpha & Omega
From Below & Above
Children Sing Praises Unto This Light
Celestial Beings
Earth Dreamers Give Flight
We Watch The Dawning of Rebirth
For Jah Children of Earth
Aligned with Love and Peace as Our Foundation
Service & Compassion
Our True Transformation
Sustainable Love
& Awakening
Jah Most High Blesses I-and-I
Ascension In Jah Making

*Artist, Vocalist, Musician, and Songwriter*
*Omega Fire*

TranscenDance Art
Luminous Sacred Geometry Prints

Righteous Revolutionary Lyrics set to Acoustic Guitar, Roots Rhythms and Harmonic Melodies
 Omega Fire Gives Praise & Honors the Hola Trinity and the Sacred ways of Love and Creation
Inviting Jah's Children to unite in Love for a Spiritual Roots Uprising!
**Christ Consciousness is the Revelation, and The Revelation is the Revolution**
The CD entitled "Freedom" from Studio 144 (CA), FLAN Records (CA), and Reality Shock Records (UK) features Omega Fire  on 4 different tracks in a 9-track compilation, including Omega Fire's orignal singles "Trust In Jah" & "New Jerusalem." The CD is known internationally on several continents in countries including Greece, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Australia, India, and Japan. She also performed a 90-minute live radio broadcast on 90.5 FM from KHSU Studios in Arcata, CA in August 2007 under the band name Jah New Jerusalem Band Singers & Players.

Laminate Art Prints Available


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OR Set of 40 Prints $200
Includes 18 Different Designs
11 Large Laminates, 11 Medium Laminates,  18 Cards
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